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BBC TV Centre - History

Opened 29th June 1960 after six years of construction. TVC (as it's sometimes known) recently celebrated it's 50th anniversary. On opening day, there was still a great deal of the project left to build - the whole site was completed by
The new state-of-the-art building was a huge improvement after cramped conditions in Alexandra Palace and Lime Grove Studios.
The site on which TVC was built was used for the 1908 Franco-British exhibition.

Chief Architect: Graham Dawbarn
Civil Engineer (BBC): Marmaduke Tudsbury

Link to BBC News story about the opening of the facility in 1960

BBC TV Centre: Birth of a Building
> Watch on Youtube: Part One / Part Two

2001 - Bomb
The building was damaged by a car bomb located outside Television Centre in March 2001. Staff evacuated the premises and no-one was injured.The attack was attributed to dissident Irish Republicans.

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BBC TV Centre (December 2010)
BBC TV Centre (December 2010)
BBC TV Centre (December 2010)
BBC TV Centre (December 2010)