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Filmbyen - History


1997 - Lars von Trier and Peter Aalbæk Jensen's company Zentropa founded the studio, on a former military base. Nimbus Film and a number of other companies moved into the facility christened Filmbyen (Film City).

Thomas Vilhelm publishes a book Filmbyen (Ekstra Bladets Forlag, 2007) about the facility and the companies who are based there, and director Pablo Tréhin-Marçot makes an hour-long documentary Filmbyen, the new Mecca of Cinema (France, 2007)

2012 June
Only a handful of companies are left at Filmbyen (including Zentropa, Regner Grasten Film, Graested Film, Wise Guy, TrustNordisk Sales). Aalbaek Jensen has decided to sell three of the empty properties and will find tenants from other industries for the unused parts of the complex.
Screen Daily Article (23 June 2012)



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