Grumman Studios

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Grumman Studios is a sound stage complex in Bethpage, New York that offers 160,000 square feet with seven sound stages and 30 acres of paved outdoor space.

The facility is run by Lunar Module Park, LLC, owned by Parviz Farahzad. The studios are in the former Apollo Lunar Module assembly plant at the massive Grumman aircraft works in Bethpage. Farahzad founded the company in 2007. The original blue Grumman landmark dome atop the facility has been repainted red for the new studio.

Grumman Studios is one of two large sound stage complexes in Bethpage related to the original Grumman operation. The other is Gold Coast Studios which has six sound stages totaling 105,000 square feet in Steel Equities Bethpage Business Park.

The studio is at 500 Grumman Road West in Bethpage.

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