Casualty  (1986-)
Creator: Jeremy Brock, Paul Unwin
Cast: Derek Thompson, Ian Bleasdale and Suzanne Packer IMDB Database page about Casualty page about Casualty

Studio(s): - BBC Television Centre - Roath Lock Studio

BBC Television Centre: Season 1 filmed interiors at BBC TV Centre. Season 2 - 25 filmed in an industrial unit on Waterloo Road in Bristol. Exteriors were filmed in Bristol until Season 26. The exterior of the A&E unit was Gate 3 at City of Bristol College Seasons 1 - 17.

Casualty (originally to be called Front Line) is the longest running hospital drama on TV.

1986 - 1987

Interior of the A&E department filmed at BBC TV Centre in London. 
The exterior of the A&E department was the area around Gate 3 at Brunel Technical College (now City of Bristol College) in Filton, Bristol. (Google Map link)
Street exteriors were filmed in Bristol.

1987 - 2002

Interiors are based in a custom-built industrial unit (below) in Waterloo Road, Bristol (Google Map link).

Casualty studio in Bristol

Street exteriors are filmed around the Bristol area. The exterior of A&E is still based at City of Bristol College.

2002 - 2011

The exterior of A&E moves to an industrial unit on Croydon Street, Lawrence Hill, Bristrol (Google Map link)

2011 - present

Interiors move to new Roath Lock Studios in Cardiff, Wales.
All street exteriors are now Cardiff, not Bristol.

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